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Kelly & Raj at Aventura Spa Palace, Playa Del Carmen

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

About an hour south of Cancun, Mexico is Playa Del Carmen. Where Cancun is new and glitzy, Playa Del Carmen is a little more hippy and slow with lots of expats tending bar. We photographed the wedding of Kelly and Raj at the Aventura Spa Palace all-inclusive resort just north of town.

Kelly and Raj came down from Seattle - just the two of them. They were great fun and after the ceremony, we just kicked back at the bar and had a couple drinks waiting for the light to get all nice and pretty. There was no reception to run off to nor family members to line up and photograph. They were great sports and weren’t shy about working it for the camera.

Here’s our happy groom, Raj:

And Kelly…

Got this one as she was about to walk down the aisle. There was a golf cart behind her that I had the staff move. No sooner did they move it than she started to walk down the steps - but just before she did, the wind caught her dress as she lifted it. And I got my shot!

And there they were getting married, just the two of them and the officiant.

The amount of emotion in a ceremony isn’t necessarily related to how many people are in attendance.

Here’s The Lookbook in action:

Here’s a pose from the Lookbook…

And this is one we just sort of we came up with all by ourselves…

This is the part where they jump into marriage…

This is what the other side of jumping into marriage looks like…

And then the sun went down. Time enough for just one last shot.


Magazine Photo Shoot - The Movie

Friday, March 21st, 2008

I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on my Exquisite Magazine photo shoot. I shot some video during the shoot that I thought I’d share. If you’re at all interested in seeing how I create my lighting style, it’s well worth a look. There’s a lot of tips on location lighting.

By the way, for all those who’ve signed up for the Rimrock Workshop, you”ll be working with a lot of this gear in your shots. I’ll also be showing how to take these ideas and make them work for the no-time-for-anything wedding day in my Light and Fast seminar with Jules Bianchi on June 12 in LA.



Look Ma, I’m in Rangefinder Magazine!

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

I just wanted to share with everyone an article that I wrote for Rangefinder Magazine that came out in the February issue. Rangefinder is one of the largest circulation photography magazines in the country and is also the sponsor of the WPPI professional photographer’s convention (where I’ll be speaking).

I’ve posted jpg’s of the article below, but you can read a complete PDF of the article here.

This is the issue to look for:

When most photographers have their images published, they pick a bunch of their favorites from different photo shoots. I figured that since I was talking about working with real people, I’d show a variety of shots from one shoot. I’d just done an engagement shoot with Jerry and Sarah so I figured I showcase their images. It’s much easier to put together a strong body of work from multiple shoots than stick with one shoot. My idea was to demonstrate how to create a variety shots from one shoot and come away with (hopefully) great stuff.

We actually started in my studio with a quick series against a painted backdrop. Then we headed into the Gaslamp district in downtown San Diego. The groom was the ham of the two. I hadn’t written the article when I shot this, but the photos seemed to go pretty well along with what I wrote.

I find that most of the magazine articles I read are mostly fluff. I tried to write something that would actually give photographers some new ideas and insight into getting the cool shots. If you read the article, let me know how I did.

This was the first magazine article I’d written in a long time. I had fun with it - I’d like to do more. I just need to find the time!


Baby Camryn - Update

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Sorry everyone for my blogging absence. I’ve had so much going on that I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog. I’m happy to report though that Baby Camryn is out of the hospital and is doing fine. Yeah! I’m so happy for Ben and Regan.

Here’s the update that she sent me last week:

WE ARE HOME!!!!!! Camryn tolerated the extubation extremely well, and has been doing amazing since Saturday. We left the PICU on Sunday evening, and spent the last two nights on a less critical and much less depressing floor of CHOC. She was weaned off the oxygen and has very easily returned to feeding (something everyone was concerned about after having a tube in her mouth for two weeks.) The doctors gave us the green light to leave this a.m. and we couldn’t be happier!!! She is a VERY strong little girl and has impressed everyone with her resilience. (There are older babies who were in PICU longer that still have not been discharged from the recovery floor.) As we have been told many times, this is the worst and scariest season of RSV the hospital has seen for at least five years.

This has been a trying period, and we are very thankful for your thoughts and prayers. They have been of great comfort to us, and have given Camryn strength to overcome her illness. We will continue to say our own prayers of thanks for Camryn’s recovery, as well as prayers for the families of the children who were not as fortunate as Camryn.


Baby Camryn

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

I received word from Regan and Ben that little Camryn whose photo I posted on the blog last week is sick and in the hospital. I hope she won’t mind, but here’s a little bit of what she wrote:

“Camryn was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit last Saturday after a very scary trip to the ER during which Camryn was turning blue from difficulty breathing. It started with a little nasal congestion and a slight cough, but our daughter has been diagnosed with RSV (Respiratory Syncycial Virus) … a virus that manifests much like a common cold to an adult or an older child, but can be very severe for tiny infants.”

Camryn has been on the ventilator for over a week now. Again, from Regan:

“We continue to wait for the virus to run its course so that she can be weaned off the machines, and it simply takes awhile for that to happen. We are told, repeatedly, about how severe RSV is this season, and that it is not uncommon for babies to be on a ventilator for several weeks while they recover. The PICU is now full of babies who are suffering from the same virus, all of whom are on vents.”

Regan and Ben have been visiting the blog to take a peek at the photo that I posted so I’m sure that they’d appreciate some words of support. Besides being exhausted and tired from the ordeal, they also managed to get sick. So it’s been a rough week.

Regan, Ben and Camryn: I wish you three the best! My prayers and thoughts are with you.


Baby Cameryn Showed Up In Time for Christmas

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

A few entries back, I posted a pregnancy portrait of one of my past clients, Regan. She was due to give birth in January, but the baby had other plans. She and her husband Ben were on their way back from a Christmas party when her water burst so they took a diversion to the hospital. They told her that she wasn’t going to go home without a baby so, later that night, little Cameryn came onto the scene.  

She was born one month prior to her due date and she’s  a tiny little thing. She’s doing great and very active. She’s now two weeks old and about six pounds. Here she is with daddy.



Fun with Casting

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

I’m in the midst of casting for some models for a magazine editorial shoot I’ll be doing in a couple of weeks. I was going through the shots and decided to play around a little with one. Here’s the before shot:

 After taking it into Photoshop, here’s what I came up with:


The key is the lighting. With good lighting, the photo works. Without it, it would just fall flat. Of course, it helps to have great talent. (Talent being the photo term for the models/actors/subjects used for the shoot.)


Regan - Pregnancy Portrait

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

I photographed the wedding of Regan and Ben two years ago at Rancho Valencia. Well, like they say, first comes marriage then comes the baby carriage. In a month, a little baby girl will be here.


Windy Day, Portraits Away

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

We scheduled a day of shooting portraits near Julian, located in the mountains near San Diego. The day actually started out foggy down near the coast. The sun quickly came out though and, as we headed up into the mountains, the Santa Ana winds began howling too. By the time we arrived at the Menghini Winery, our designated shoot location, the wind was cutting into us at gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour. It was a bit much and just too cold so we moved down the road to avoid some of the wind.

Still, it was a tough day with the wind and dust constantly battering us and getting into our gear and eyes. Around mid-day, a cloud of smoke appeared on the horizon - that was the start of the Witch Creek Fire which, by this writing, has consumed over 200,000 acres and hundreds of homes.

Of course, when we shooting, all of that was far away and not in our minds. Instead, everyone put on a smile and the blustery day made for some fun shots.


La Jolla Children’s School

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

For the past several months, I’ve been working with the La Jolla Children’s School to provide them photography for their website and promotional stuff. It’s been a great fit - everyone is super friendly and they love the work.

Well, they’ve invited me to be their official Artist in Residence. I’ll be doing a photography program with the kindergardners this fall and some other programs with the older kids later on in the year. I have no idea how to teach little little kids so that ought to be interesting. The kids are absolutely adorable though.

Today, I was out at the school and took some shots of the fifth and sixth graders in class and out on the playground.

I love this one. This kid reminds me of when I was young. There’s this photo of me as a kid with a little red sweater as my grandfather was about to walk me to school. This boys innocent smile captures that same feeling.