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Bridal Portraits - San Diego

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

I photographed Galiya and Derek’s wedding at the Darlington House back in December. I guess she didn’t get enough of being in front of the camera so she asked me after the wedding if I’d be interested in doing a “trash the dress” shoot. I like to think of it as a just a plain ol’ bridal portrait, though definitely not your mother’s portrait session.

We started out in the industrial area just south of downtown. I liked the idea of contrasting the beautiful bride against the busy commercial background.

Somehow, I got the idea of having her smoke a cigar so Derek picked one up from the Cuban cigar factory in the Gaslamp. This shot’s one of my favorites. I guess it’s just so un-bridal.

Towards the end of the shoot, it started to drizzle. The evening air was cold enough so that the ocean water seemed warm by comparison. We were both pretty much soaked, but the water actually kept us warm. It was only once we got out that the cold and the water and the sand got to us.

In the photo, it looks like you can see light from the setting sun. That’s actually my flash. Without it, these shots would have looked looked as cold and dreary as the evening actually was.


A Night at the Casbah - The Cheap Leis

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Some of you may remember my friend Jim Austin from my Rimrock Ranch Seminar with Joe Photo. Jim owns the ranch and plays in several bands in and around San Diego. Well, I don’t know where the inspiration came for this one, but the Cheap Leis play some great Hawaiian themed music. Here’s Jim and Jen hanging out: 

 And our friend Cowboy Steve. (Wonder why they call him that.) 

 Jim and his girlfriend Nikki. Guess I should have used a flash on this one. 

 Here’s what rocking out on the ukulele looks like:   

 undefined    Finally, here’s a video of one of their songs. Musically, they’re great, but they’re also pretty funny.