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Saturday, March 27th, 2010

This is probably not the most wholesome series of images so I apologize in advance if they offend anyone. One of the things I love to do is document partying youth culture. (The fact that I may do so with a six pack of Tecate at my side is beside the point.) So when I heard about Floatopia, I knew I had to be there.

What’s Floatopia you ask? Well, when drinking on the beach is outlawed, the drinkers take to the water in an inflatable armada of tubes, rafts, kiddy pools, boats and anything that will float - if only for a little while. Let the binge-drinking begin!

My style of shooting is very in your face. I don’t like long lenses. I like to be in the middle of the action.

It’s always more challenging photographing women in public. They’re naturally more suspicious. They’ll ask why I’m shooting photos. I’ll ask why are they drinking. It sort of disarms them. I think by being up front, it reduces the creep factor. When one girl asked if I was a creep I jokingly answered, “Yes, I am that creepy photographer guy.” She laughed and told me that I wasn’t a creep. I took her picture.

The reality is that I don’t care if I’m photographing guys or girls. I’m just looking for that moment that tells a story.

There’s also a certain sense of fearlessness that you have to bring to photographing in this style. If you’re shy and afraid of people, forget it. Actually, I’m both, but I’m more interested in getting the shot so I put that aside.

For this event, there were a lot of photographers out shooting images. It was almost like opening day for duck season. These guys (and they were all middle-aged guys) were all standing on the beach with their long lenses. Every photo I’ve seen posted online look the same. Backs of heads from the sidelines.

I’m more of a gonzo photojournalist. I believe in being right in the middle of things as an active participant. I’m in the water with a beer in one hand, camera in the other. I want to be right where life is happening. I only shoot with a wide angle lens because that forces me to get right up on the subjects. I want to break into their personal space so I can take the viewer where they haven’t been before.

Now, I understand that some may think that this is inappropriate and debauched. I won’t disagree. But if you have kids in college, this is what they were doing for Spring break. At least now you know.

This is actually part of my in-progress book project on youth/party culture. Yeah, it’s a tough job, but someone has to document these fleeting moments for posterity. One day, these youths will be able to proudly share these images with their children and say, “Mommy was there.”


WPPI 2010 Speaking Schedule

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

The Photographer’s Toolkit booth at the WPPI trade show is #1247. That’s across from Shootsac and ShootQ. We’ll have a small speaker’s platform and full line up of excellent speakers for you to stop by and hear valuable insights for your work and business. We’ll also be doing special gigs like milk and cookie hour and, if we can get away with it, beer -thirty. Here’s the speaker’s schedule:

Monday March 8
John Mireles - 11:00 AM
Concept & Fashion

Joe Photo - 12:00
Changing with the Wedding Market

Catherine Hall - 1:00 PM
Starting Strong

Tamara Lackey - 2:00
Children’s Portraits

Tuesday March 9
Jennifer Dery 11:00 AM
Pricing Destination Weddings

Dave Quin 12:00 PM
Cutting Edge Weddings

Greg Gibson 2:00 PM
Recent Work from a Top Ten Wedding Photographer

Suzi Q. Varin 3:00
Hosting Your Own Photographer’s Group

Wednesday March 10
Marcus Bell 11:00 AM
New Work from One of the Best Wedding Photographers Ever to Walk the Planet

Tony Bisson 1:00
Killer Album Design

Swing by the booth for additions to calendar. Follow me on Twitter for updates and WPPI news: http://twitter.com/johnphoton