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Toolkit Lightroom Presets Are Here!

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

After months of tweaking and road testing on my own images, I’m happy to announce the new Photographer’s Toolkit Lightroom Preset Kit! The idea behind these presets is to help photographers cut down on their production time and create killer looking images that clients will love. I’ve put together a little intro video to check out:

If you’re not using Lightroom yet or are still using Photoshop for all your preproduction, it’s time to look into Lightroom. I made the switch when I took my Italy trip. Each day, I shot hundreds of images. There’s no way I could have kept up with the processing if not for the speed and convenience of Lightroom and the presets that I created along the way. It’s been a lifesaver and now I’ve converted over the entire studio to it.

All of the images in my Italy posts were processed using my Lightroom Presets. In the future, when I post my images, I’ll also reference the specific preset that I used.

My presets were designed to solve many of the real world problems that I face with my images: under-exposed subjects, lousy lighting, contrasty daylight, overcast skies and the like. There’s also plenty of cool looking effects - from “Toy Camera” to “Lost” (which is probably my favorite).

One area where I’m particularly proud of my presets shine is in the black and whites. I’ve created a bunch of different conversions depending on the lighting conditions, subject and the effect you want to create. The Lightroom B&W conversion is actually pretty good, but it’s also pretty flat. I like my black and white images to have punch. You’ll find it here!

Here’s the link to learn more: John’s Super Awesome Lightroom Presets