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2010 Anacapa Challenge - 6 Man Outrigger Canoe Race

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Actually, this wasn’t a six man race; it was a 12 man race. While only six paddlers are in the boat at any one time, the format of the race dictated that six guys would paddle for 30 minutes. Then they’d jump out and six women would get in and paddle for 30 minutes. This went on until the end of the 30 mile race from Oxnard to the Channel Island of Anacapa and back.

30 miles is a long race and it’s all the longer with the water in the high 50’s as it was on race day. Still, the setting was stunning. Since my club didn’t enter the race, I used the opportunity to shoot photos from one of the escort boats. Not as fun as racing, but a heck of lot less work.

The race was hosted by the Oxnard Club.

SCORA is the organization responsible for the racing season and all the finish times. Here’s two of the main officials demonstrating their deep respect for each other during the pre-race safety meeting.

Approaching the lighthouse on Anacapa Island.

Who knew there was a massive sea arch ten miles off the coast of Southern California?

The racers jump out of the escort boat, into the chilly water, then tread water until the canoe comes along to pick them up. Then the paddlers fall out of the canoe and into the water just in time for the guys in the water to clamber into the boat and start hammering away. Jumping out of a perfectly sound boat into the middle of the deep blue ocean always adds a little excitement to the day.

For the uninitiated, paddlers will paddle for about 15 strokes on one side then switch to the other so they don’t get tired out on one side. ┬áHere they’re in the middle of switching sides.

Nothing like a great day on the water.

All of these images were processed using the Toolkit Lightroom Presets. Either the Toy Camera B&W or Color. No Photoshop was used in the making of these images. The images are hosted on Smugmug where you can find more images from the race day.