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Joy at the Beach

A couple of days ago, my creative team and I got together for a test shoot with Joy, an up and coming model here in San Diego. Believe it or not, she’s 14! She was a trooper. The water at the beach was damn cold, but she stuck it out. After standing in the water for an hour, I couldn’t feel the bottom of my feet. Poor Joy was freezing. Whatever it takes to get the shot!

Joy wore a Versace dress for this shot. She was at the same time excited to wear it but then felt guilty about promptly rolling around in the sand. It’s a $6,000 dress so it hurt a little seeing her roll around in the sand. Anything for fashion.


3 Responses to “Joy at the Beach”

  1. Ashley Says:


  2. Joseph Says:

    She looks double that age!
    Incredible pictures John, the light is beautiful
    I’ve just subscribed to your website, and I love it.

  3. Johan Peyron Says:

    Interesting to see a shoot with no diffusion nor fill-light. Beaches in Sweden would probably freeze the model to death right now, and thereĀ“s no Hasselblad in my camera bag, but this was very inspiring. Tuned in to your histogram-tutorial, and looking forward to some hopefully good, shared, insight into setting white- and black-point. All of best wishes to you and your crew, John.

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