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Nailing Your Exposures - Part II

Here’s part two of my Nailing Your Exposure series. In this installment, I show a series of images from a recent wedding and talk about what I’m looking for in setting my exposures.


3 Responses to “Nailing Your Exposures - Part II”

  1. Stacie Dunn Says:

    Hi John, just wanted to say thank you for the histogram videos. This has been so helpful. I have never used it before, b/c I didn’t have a clue. Now I’m looking forward to having this extra tool. Your time and knowledge are greatly appreciated!
    Stacie Dunn
    Birmingham, AL

  2. michele Says:

    hi john,

    great information! i appreciate these video tutorials. very helpful in helping me understand how to better utilize my histogram! thank you!


  3. Emmma Says:

    Thanks for this tutorial! It’s very helpful.

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