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Sunny Day, Sail Away

Finally, the icy cold of winter (okay, it’s more like the mild chill here in San Diego, but it feels cold to me) has moved on. Now we’ve got some sun and warmth - which means it’s time to hit the beaches and the bay. I’m usually on the water with my itty-bitty outrigger canoe so drinking beers on a 40 foot sailboat was a welcome, and relaxing change.

The coolest part was seeing the big-ass (that’s a technical term BTW) Navy ships head out to sea. The escort security boats kept a close eye on us subversive beer drinking potential terrorists. The coolest was witnessing the USS Carl Vincent sail out of the harbor. That’s a huge aircraft carrier that takes half a dozen tugboats to unhitch from its moorings. Security kept us far away from that one - but it’s still an awe-insprining sight.


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