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A Career is Born

I’m in the middle of producing a magazine fashion shoot that I’ll be doing next week. We’ve got one model cast and now we need the second. We’re going for more of a European look rather than guy-next door, but that look is tough to find in San Diego. Today, Jeffrey - my art director/hair/makeup/stylist guru - brought by a potential model that he’d scouted. He’d shown me a few snaps but they didn’t impress me so I was a little skeptical. 

Right away, I could tell that the camera like Damon and that he’d be a good fit for our shoot. A lot of guys have one look and don’t know what to do with themselves. Even though Damon had no experience, he felt and looked comfortable in front of the camera.

Discovering new folks like this is always fun. With these shots, he’ll probably be able to get an agent and start working. I shot all of these with available light against a gray paper seamless. Nothing fancy although I did some work in Photoshop to deepen the shadows and play with the color.




2 Responses to “A Career is Born”

  1. resolusean Says:

    John, do you know about this site… it is a good place to find talent. You can even search by physical specifications like eye color.


  2. Teresa Says:

    Awesome window light. Really like that it is okay to keep it simple and still produce wonderful images.

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