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John Mireles & Joe Photo Bridal Shoot - The Video

This is my first blog post in my new blog. I’m so happy now that I can post big photos and not have to deal with blogger. You’ll be seeing a lot more in the days to come!


3 Responses to “John Mireles & Joe Photo Bridal Shoot - The Video”

  1. Ulysses Says:

    John, this definitely looks like it was a lot of fun. Being able to get under those deep blue skies you guys get out west, and to just let go and experiment in a new direction is so energizing. Thanks so much for sharing the video of you and Joe working together. I really enjoyed it. :)


    P.S. — congrats on the release of your new and improved blog! I know you’re going to like the options and features even better.

  2. Dave Says:

    Awesome video, and very inspiring work!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ashley Newton Says:


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