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Nailing Your Exposures - Part III

In the first two parts of the series I talked about the histogram. In this installment, I talk about how to put that knowledge to work when you’re shooting. Plus, in this video, I wear a hat!

Thanks everyone for the kind words and comments about the series. There’s more stuff to follow!


14 Responses to “Nailing Your Exposures - Part III”

  1. Pam Says:

    I really appreciate you for sharing this series,
    thanks so much!

  2. Sean Says:

    John, histograms are very confusing for most people, i think the hat helped remove the mystery :)

    thanks for the great blog, keep up the posting I love seeing what your working on.


  3. Teresa Says:

    Great videos. Love your clear and concise explanations about the relationships between exposures and histograms.

  4. Christene Says:

    Very informative! Thank you!

  5. Ute Says:


    Thank you so much for your very clear instructions, and making them available on your blog. I check back regularly to see what is new on your blog and if there are any further instructions helping to me to be a better photographer. :)


  6. Tim Says:

    Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the photographic community. This was a great series.

  7. denise karis Says:

    hey, john - i think this is the first comment ive left you although ive followed your blog since that shoot with all the school children. I got a new computer in november and all my favorites were deleted so i havent been here in a couple of months. I love these videos - you are so nice to share your knowledge with us! I’m still a very new photographer and am trying to learn all I can and am constantly trying to get better. I was totally hanging on every word in your videos because I truly love your style!! Thank you so much!!!

  8. kristen Says:

    Thanks so much, John. This series was great and easy to understand. For me this was the missing piece of the puzzle in understanding exposure…I just never really got what the histogram meant and what I should be looking for. Thanks for breaking it down for us :)

  9. Cathy Says:

    I watched the first 2 videos on [b]school. This series has been so incredibly helpful for me, thank you so much.

  10. Don Mamone Says:


    I very much enjoyed your 3 part series on Nailing Your Exposures. It was both technically informative and very practical. I appreciate your taking the time to share your knowledge. Your images are gorgeous & now we all know why…


  11. Audrey Says:

    Just came across your blog, as I am interested in purchasing a Lookbook and Contractual agreement. Your video was very informative (though I could only view one video. The first two wouldn’t load for me. Just the third one played). But that video was great to watch and I hope you post more.

  12. Jocelin Says:

    I watched all three of your Nailing Your Exposure Series and thoroughly enjoyed them all and found them very, very helpful! Thanks, Jocelin

  13. Vanessa Says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed looking over your work. WOW!

    As I have viewed your 3 videos about histograms, I am curious to know how to make adjustments within the camera. If there is clipping, do I just need to slide my shudder to the left or right, to adjust for the exposure? Does that make sense?

    Thanks for the wonderful Blog!

  14. John Says:


    If you have clipping to the left, then you need to adjust your exposure to allow in more light. If you’re at 1/250 of sec, then you need to open up to 1/125 or whatever is appropriate. Likewise, if you have clipping to the right, you need to reduce your exposure. After some practice, you’ll be able to do this pretty quickly so that you’re consistently nailing your exposures. :-)

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