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Fashion in the Park

In the midst of all my getting ready for WPPI in Vegas, we spent the afternoon in Balboa Park for a little fashion shoot. We tested out the eyelashes that Jeffrey created - he did the hair and makeup - for another shoot that he’s doing.

I liked all the lines and tones of this scene. When I set the shot up, the back wall was lit up by the sun. By the time we started shooting, a cloud rolled in and softened up the light.

I’ve shot a few wedding ceremonies at this spot. Usually, they’re in front of the well, not on top of it. This one’s my favorite…

Jennifer, the model, was freezing at this point. I suggested that she put on 30 lbs. Guess that’s not really an option…


7 Responses to “Fashion in the Park”

  1. jen olsen Says:

    Thanks John for sharing! I love love your favorite too! I love the one where she’s sitting in the dome-love how she pops out from the dark/shaded background. How inspiring to see this! Great model

  2. Cathy Crawley Says:

    Just gorgeous John :)

  3. Dan Fontaine Says:

    Hey John
    Amazing shoot. Just wanted to comment on how much I like you Photographers newsletter. Always a good read and much appreciated.

  4. Jayson Says:

    Hey John,

    These are great. I love Balboa Park. I was there a few weeks ago.

  5. seth Says:

    wow, I would have NEVER guessed that 2nd image was at Balboa Park. Nice!

  6. Garrison Says:

    Wow.. nice post ! Great Job.. many thx~!!

  7. Stasi Says:

    I saw you shoot a few of these - I remember walking by and seeing the model on the wishing well & thinking, “Ooh, I bet that’s going to be a fun shot.” & it is! Gorgeous stuff, per ususal.

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