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On Location in Colorado

A couple of days ago, I was awarded a job to shoot an ad campaign for a luxury development in Colorado south of Denver. I was really looking forward to this job since it’s a great subject and really combines much of what I love to do photographically.

The location is an 1,800 acre cattle ranch that will be divided into 10 acre plots. They’re going to keep it a ranch so the photographs will combine landscape, working ranch shots and lifestyle shots with models. It’s gonna be fun.

I flew into Denver this morning. I got up at 4:45 this am so it’s been a long day - which wasn’t helped by the fact that Frontier Airlines lost my luggage. (Ugh.) Fortunately, I did get it back a few hours later. I spent the afternoon touring the ranch with David the ranch manager. It’s such an awesome location. I’m staying in a guest house all by myself - the ranch manager’s house is a half mile away. The solitude, fresh air, mountain skies and scenery are just incredible. This is truly a dream job.

I’ll be shooting landscapes and more photojournalistic images for the next couple of days. On Wednesday, my full crew will show up. I’ll be shooting models for the more posed shots. It’s especially fun since I’ll get to mix things up a bit for this shoot.

Here’s a couple of photos from this afternoon:

I realize that I’m working, but really this is a terrific vacation. It’s days like today when I really like my job. :-)


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  1. steve bebb Says:

    John, my friend you are a lucky man. This is a dream job. Love your use of light in your teaser shots. looking forward to seeing your vision and take on this little bit of paradise.

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