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San Diego Food Bank

Today, I had an opportunity to do something different while giving back to the community. I’ve been hired by the San Diego Food Bank to do their promotional photography for the coming year. “Hired” isn’t exactly the right word since I’m doing everything pro bono. Today was our first day of shooting. To get acquainted with the people and their process, I spent the morning at a church where they distributed food to all comers.

I’d planned on shooting adults, but most were not happy with me photographing them. There’s a great sense of shame in standing in a food line. Many folks hid their faces or refused to allow their picture to be taken. There’s many people who’ve never stood in a food line before - from middle class folks who’ve lost their jobs to folks struggling to hang onto their foreclosure-bound houses to military families who can’t make ends meet on a government salary. Hopefully, in the days to come, I’ll be able to tell their stories.

In the meantime, I photographed some of the kids. Parents are okay with me taking pictures of them so it was easier for me to get my shot. These are a handful that I liked. I’ll share more as I shoot more.


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