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Colorado: Day 2

It’s actually the morning of day three as i write this. I got up early - before sunrise - to get shots of the early morning light against the red standstone rock formations here. But the clouds rolled in and there was no sunlight. Bummer.

Yesterday was fun. I cruised around the ranch on a Suzuki quad. Nothing like bouncing over hill and dale through flowers and fields. Later I did some rock scrambling and bushwacking through oak-choked gullies. My legs were all cut and bloody last night. Doing that reminded me of my college days in Santa Barbara when we’d go out bushwacking in search of rocks to climb. Here it is 20 years later and I’m doing the same thing.

Here’s a few more shots:

Today, I’ll be shooting more ranch oriented stuff cowboy stuff.


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  1. Chris from Holy MoLee Photography Says:

    I’ve always thought you have the best digitally processed black and whites.

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