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Florence at Night

Now Florence is beautiful anytime of the day or night, but there’s something especially alluring about it at night from a photographer’s perspective. Maybe it’s because of the fact that crowds have gone. Maybe it’s because the soft shadowed light is replaced by lots of hard street lights that create shadow, highlights and a little mystery.

This little scene is what I see when I walk outside my front door to the street. For someone who grew up in a mid-century (mid-20th century that is) suburb, this is exotic stuff.

I think I want a sculpture of me when I grow up. Nothing like being 12 feet tall for thousands of years.

By day, this square is filled with vendors selling handbags, scarves and tourist wares. Every night, the sellers have to break down their portable stores and drag them down the street to where ever home is. Merchants like these have probably been following this same routine for a thousand years or more.

The street in front of our apartment. It’s a far cry from my little neighborhood in San Diego.

The Palazo Vecchio with the full moon behind it.

The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. An awe-inspiring sight no matter how many times you see it. This is all varying shades of marble.

The basilica with the Duomo behind it.

The amazing part to all this is that I shot this all in an hour or so. There’s something worth photographing around every corner. And then there’s the scenes that are beyond words.


2 Responses to “Florence at Night”

  1. Jonathan Golden Says:

    John these are great shots. Your B&W conversions are fantastic!

  2. Cathy Benton Says:

    John -
    Thanks for the tour of Italy. I hope to get there some day —soon!

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