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A Walk in the Garden - Boboli Gardens

Today was a rest day. Trying to catch up on blogging, studying, images and, well, rest. Two days ago, we spent a long afternoon wandering the greens and walkways of Boboli Gardens on the other side of the Arno river from the center of Florence.

As I’ve come to expect from everything I’ve seen here, there’s wonderful and marvelous art and views with every place I visit. What’s truly amazing is that this used to be someone’s backyard.

I realize that these aren’t photographic masterpieces. They’re just snapshots from a long day on our feet. Hope you enjoy, :-)


One Response to “A Walk in the Garden - Boboli Gardens”

  1. Stephen Balisky Says:

    John, These photos are so wonderful. The world is beautiful and colorful and you really captured it. Thank you very much for posting your experience.

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