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Everyday Italy

My self-assignment for today was to photograph just the normal, everyday sights that your average Italian would see. I wasn’t looking for beauty. Just the stuff of normalcy. I walked around a couple of towns just to see what was there and might catch my eye.

I decided to avoid any fancy treatment in Photoshop. Just clean and simple. Very Stephen Shore.

Stopped in at a local bar/restaurant in a small town. The American show Family Guy was playing on the TV. Compared to Italy, suburban US seems like another planet. I wondered if the Italians could even relate.

The day was sun but rain was forecast for the weekend so we had decided to rent a scooter to take advantage of the good weather. This time, we got a bigger scooter with a windshield. Fun times!

After we got further into the countryside, Jen got bored with me doing my cinema verite kind of stuff so we went back into tourist mode. We stopped off at a winery in an old castle. They had to call the woman from the back to pour us wine. Nothing like the big wineries where everything is so touristy. She didn’t even charge us.

Here’s the view from the terrace. I processed it all old school but now it doesn’t really go with the other photos. I processed it using my new Lightroom presets. Sometimes it’s just fun to play around.

Then it was off to another castle. This one sat high on a hill. We were all alone driving the scooter up a windy dirt road. So quiet when we got there. It was fun poking around in the rooms and ancient chapel. I think it would be spooky there at night though.

The 15th century Italians were surprisingly modern when it came to their lighting fixtures.

The roads led through some gorgeous farm country. Rolling hills with lots of green grass. We were out of the Chianti region so no vineyards. As we were heading down a twisting road, I spied a hilltop with a couple of trees and broad shadows from the puffy clouds overhead. I turned the scooter around at the bottom of the hill and raced back up so as to not miss the light. So glad I did.

And quite possibly one of my favorite shots to day from the trip. I just love the light, the softness, the painterly feel.

Then it was off to another little town with 700 year old buildings. This one even has a funicular to it from the newer part of the city.

By then, the shadows were getting longer and the warmth of the day began to slip away. Instead of stopping every few minutes and rolling slowly along, we raced straight away to Florence. Jen was sick and my eyes were tired, but speeding through the rolling hills and sweeping valleys on the bike was exhilarating nonetheless.

We got back not long before sunset. I got lost yet again getting back into the city and almost took out two other scooters trying to navigate traffic. Although I didn’t relish returning the scooter to the rental company, I was happy to have survived another outing in Florence traffic.


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  1. Patrick Says:

    Great stuff. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now. Keep’em coming!

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