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Colorado Day Four

It’s been a busy past week so it’s going to take me a while to catch up. Tomorrow, I jump on a plane to Texas so I’ll be out of it for another couple days.

Day three was mostly a scouting trip with myself and the crew so I didn’t do a lot of photography. I did shoot a couple of portraits of the ranch hand, Dave. Here’s my favorite:


3 Responses to “Colorado Day Four”

  1. Cory Ann Ellis Says:

    I love this image.

  2. colin Says:

    I love this picture… it it natural light or did you use a reflector or flash with it? whatever, It is awesome!!

  3. admin Says:

    Hi Colin:

    Glad you guys liked this shot. It’s one of my favorites. This subject was lit with two strobes - one in a 5 foot umbrella/giant reflector and another off to the side with a small reflector. The lighting was similar to the golfer girl - although with her I used three lights.


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