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My studio manager Jessie, when asked to have her photo taken, shaking her head like a girl in a bar saying no to a Kennedy.

3 Responses to “Jessie”

  1. Ashley DuChene Says:

    She likes to be the “Wizard of Oz”, behind the scenes (unless there is tequila involved)

  2. Joe Photo Says:

    Dude, you run?? You should start a jogging and camera club…like in “Yes Man”. I’d run and shoot with you!

  3. Ed Taylor Says:

    John, They never say no, it just never turns out well…
    Didn’t know you ran either. Ran XC in college and the NY & Boston 3x each, (that’s enough of that).
    Maybe we can run together sometime. Can’t climb anymore though, rotator cuff…

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