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Windy Day, Portraits Away

We scheduled a day of shooting portraits near Julian, located in the mountains near San Diego. The day actually started out foggy down near the coast. The sun quickly came out though and, as we headed up into the mountains, the Santa Ana winds began howling too. By the time we arrived at the Menghini Winery, our designated shoot location, the wind was cutting into us at gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour. It was a bit much and just too cold so we moved down the road to avoid some of the wind.

Still, it was a tough day with the wind and dust constantly battering us and getting into our gear and eyes. Around mid-day, a cloud of smoke appeared on the horizon - that was the start of the Witch Creek Fire which, by this writing, has consumed over 200,000 acres and hundreds of homes.

Of course, when we shooting, all of that was far away and not in our minds. Instead, everyone put on a smile and the blustery day made for some fun shots.


3 Responses to “Windy Day, Portraits Away”

  1. Tony Bisson Says:

    The second image of the mother and three kids is sweet.

  2. Ashnonymous Says:

    The last image, of the boy jumping, looks like it was take on the moon! Was it?

  3. Jessie Says:

    I still can’t believe how windy it was and you guys trooped on!

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