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My Run in Mountain View

This week, I’m in Mountain View California - the heart of Silicon Valley. I’m visiting my younger brother who’s the head of a small startup called Speakertext. I try and run every other day so, on my run through his neighborhood, I took my new iPhone along with me to shoot snaps along the way.

Shoreline Park sits right on the San Francisco Bay.

My brother lives literally down the street from Google. You don’t even have to make a turn from his apartment (referred to as the Speakercave) to get to the Google campus.

The Google campus is about the size of a large university. There’s the main buildings and then smaller ones spread out over many blocks. You can tell a Google building by the little yellow and red bikes parked out in front. The company provides them to employees so that they can scoot from place to place.

Although it doesn’t look it, the traffic on the freeway was jammed and moving slowly. I felt so fortunate that I don’t have to be in that on a regular basis.

As I was running by, I glanced into this complex through the metal grate. I loved the symmetry of the stairs and neatly cut bushes so I snuck in and nabbed my shot.

These everyday sights are great inspiration. On my drive up to the Bay area from San Diego, I listened to Bruce Springsteen’s “Greeting from Asbury Park” album. I’ve never been a big fan and this was the first time I really listened to his music. I was struck by his songwriting. One line in particular resonated with me.

Man, there’s an opera out on the Turnpike
There’s a ballet being fought out in the alley

His message is that art exists in the everyday. It’s up to us to see it and capture it. Most of us don’t look for it and thus we never find it. Either that or we look for it in the extraordinary moments and thus fail to see that which is right in front of us. We don’t live life fully as a result.


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