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Speakertext Startup Team Portraits

My younger brother is the CEO of a Silicon Valley startup company called Speakertext. One day soon, they may be big! Until them, I’m one of their chief investors, the chauffeur, company photographer and the guy that buys pizza while they work late getting ready for a big tech conference for which they’ll be providing services.

Well the last three have been my roles during my visit with them over the past few days. Seeing as how only one of them has a car and money is scarce, I help where I can.

Here’s Tyler. He’s actually the most mild-mannered of the team. Not only does he do the coding for the client interface, he also does dishes. Were it not for him, the “Speakercave” - the frat-like apartment where they live and work - would probably descend into complete disaster.

“M2″ is the other Matt in the operation. He does the speech recognition and back-end work.

Matt, my brother and CEO. He’s the mouth of the operation.

The three bro-skies all gussied up for their photo. (Anyone who is cool is a brosky.)

All images were processed through Lightroom using the Photographer’s Toolkit Superpop preset.


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