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Rimrock Ranch Photo Workshop - Day 1

As some of you may know, I teamed up with photographer Joe Photo to do a photography seminar out near Yucca Valley in the Mojave desert. Talk about a blast. We had a great group of people, fantastic models and an incredible location. We had such a great time, we’ve already scheduled our next workshop there for April 22, 2008.

Julie from Elysium Productions came out and shot video of the entire three days. She put together a clip at the end of each day - you’ve got to check them out. She did an amazing job. The ending of Day 2 is hilarious.

For anyone interested in more details about our next workshop, check out www.rimrockworkshops.com. We’ll be updating the web site with lots of shots that the attendees took as well as behind the scenes shots so that you can see what we were doing with our set ups.

3 Responses to “Rimrock Ranch Photo Workshop - Day 1”

  1. Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) Says:

    Hey John! It was great stumbling on your work from Becker’s site. Looks like you’re still keeping others inspired! And congrats on this beautiful new blog. Very cool!

  2. galya laskar Says:

    I love love love the wedding photos! I knew from the get-go that you were the photographer for us and it was totally worth it because they came out as I had hoped and more. You and Jenn were a great pleasure to have at our wedding- thanks for helping out with my dress. Also, you can’t even tell I had the burns on my face from the facial which is a great relief. All in all, I look forward to seeing the rest of the photos and in the future will find as many reasons possible to have you take more of our family photos.
    Galya (and Derek)

  3. Jeanne Laskar Says:

    WOW!! I have never seen more creative shots/or beautiful subjects!! Thanx for capturing Derek & Galyas special day so well!!

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