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Day on Mt. Tam

During my trip to the San Francisco area, I took a little side trip to the mountains north of the bay. Mt. Tam has it all: mossy forests, broad grassy mountainsides, broad vistas to the sea, beach, cliffs and winding roads that you’ve seen many times in car commercials.

At my first stop, I was there all alone until a rental company showed up with chairs for a wedding. Can’t think of a better place with a more fantastic view. There’s a beautiful view of the ocean and even downtown San Francisco from here.

If you ever have a two-seater sports car or motorcycle that you want to take for a test drive, Mt. Tam is the place.

Mickey’s beach is actually a nude beach. But it’s blocked in by a tall cliff that’s littered with rock climbs. Back in the day, I used to climb there on my visits to the area. I actually did an early ascent of the most difficult climb (5.13b) on the cliff. Here’s a view from the top.

The sunset lasted forever.


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