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Light & Fast Seminar: Take II

Well, it was a gorgeous day outside today and I did manage to get in quick hike in the morning. Nothing like those super-clear, day-after-the-rain days where the smog is gone and you can almost see people on the streets even though they’re miles away.  But, that’s not what I’m writing about. Nope. Today, I spent pretty much all day working on a brand new web site. (I’ve lost track of how many URL’s and sites I have.)

My latest is www.lightandfastseminar.com that I created for my lighting workshop in LA with Jules Bianchi. Take a look and tell me what you think. I think it came out looking pretty cool.Note to Becker: I used the photo of me that you took out in Julian and posted on your blog. The one I had was too boring. Hope that’s cool. (Don’t sue me for copyright infringement; I won’t be able to leave my money at your poker table any more.)

Since a blog post without a photo is kind of lame, here’s a photo that I shot of Joe Photo and Becker in the parking lot of my gallery in Julian this past summer.  

becker    John  


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  1. Tony Bisson Says:

    That is sick lighting.

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