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Baby Cameryn Showed Up In Time for Christmas

A few entries back, I posted a pregnancy portrait of one of my past clients, Regan. She was due to give birth in January, but the baby had other plans. She and her husband Ben were on their way back from a Christmas party when her water burst so they took a diversion to the hospital. They told her that she wasn’t going to go home without a baby so, later that night, little Cameryn came onto the scene.  

She was born one month prior to her due date and she’s  a tiny little thing. She’s doing great and very active. She’s now two weeks old and about six pounds. Here she is with daddy.



One Response to “Baby Cameryn Showed Up In Time for Christmas”

  1. Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) Says:

    Beautiful image. I love that her water didn’t just break. It burst! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! -E

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