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Baby Camryn

I received word from Regan and Ben that little Camryn whose photo I posted on the blog last week is sick and in the hospital. I hope she won’t mind, but here’s a little bit of what she wrote:

“Camryn was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit last Saturday after a very scary trip to the ER during which Camryn was turning blue from difficulty breathing. It started with a little nasal congestion and a slight cough, but our daughter has been diagnosed with RSV (Respiratory Syncycial Virus) … a virus that manifests much like a common cold to an adult or an older child, but can be very severe for tiny infants.”

Camryn has been on the ventilator for over a week now. Again, from Regan:

“We continue to wait for the virus to run its course so that she can be weaned off the machines, and it simply takes awhile for that to happen. We are told, repeatedly, about how severe RSV is this season, and that it is not uncommon for babies to be on a ventilator for several weeks while they recover. The PICU is now full of babies who are suffering from the same virus, all of whom are on vents.”

Regan and Ben have been visiting the blog to take a peek at the photo that I posted so I’m sure that they’d appreciate some words of support. Besides being exhausted and tired from the ordeal, they also managed to get sick. So it’s been a rough week.

Regan, Ben and Camryn: I wish you three the best! My prayers and thoughts are with you.


2 Responses to “Baby Camryn”

  1. Julie Says:

    Hi John, I pop by your site every once in a while and wanted to let the parents of Camryn know that this mom in St. Louis will be praying for her. I remember being scared to death our little baby would catch something when she was first born. When they do get sick, you just wish you could take their place, because their so tiny and it breaks your heart to see them sick. Thanks for sharing their story and getting the prayers flowing their way. Julie

  2. Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) Says:

    I’m sure they appreciate the time you took to post this, John. My prayers will be for strength for Regan and Ben, wisdom for the doctors, and a touch in little Camryn’s body. God bless. -Eddie

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