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Baby Camryn - Update

Sorry everyone for my blogging absence. I’ve had so much going on that I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog. I’m happy to report though that Baby Camryn is out of the hospital and is doing fine. Yeah! I’m so happy for Ben and Regan.

Here’s the update that she sent me last week:

WE ARE HOME!!!!!! Camryn tolerated the extubation extremely well, and has been doing amazing since Saturday. We left the PICU on Sunday evening, and spent the last two nights on a less critical and much less depressing floor of CHOC. She was weaned off the oxygen and has very easily returned to feeding (something everyone was concerned about after having a tube in her mouth for two weeks.) The doctors gave us the green light to leave this a.m. and we couldn’t be happier!!! She is a VERY strong little girl and has impressed everyone with her resilience. (There are older babies who were in PICU longer that still have not been discharged from the recovery floor.) As we have been told many times, this is the worst and scariest season of RSV the hospital has seen for at least five years.

This has been a trying period, and we are very thankful for your thoughts and prayers. They have been of great comfort to us, and have given Camryn strength to overcome her illness. We will continue to say our own prayers of thanks for Camryn’s recovery, as well as prayers for the families of the children who were not as fortunate as Camryn.


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