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A Little Surprise

Jen and I were on the long pretty much boring plane ride to New York, when she shows me the magazine she’s been reading. It’s the US Air inflight magazine. She points to an ad and comments, “Isn’t this the company you did a photo shoot for last year?” I check it out and not only was the it the same company, but the ad had my photo. I’d never seen any ads from the shoot so it was kind of cool seeing one of the photos in print.

I did this shoot as part of a week long campaign for the Verrado housing development just outside of Phoenix. This particular shot was a tough one. I knew the shot that I wanted, but the art director saw it a little differently and the little boy wasn’t really cooperating. I think there was one shot from the series where the composition and expression was just right. Anyhow, I liked the shot and I’m glad they ended up going with it.


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