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Kim & Chris’s Boat Trip Extravaganza

Kim and Chris invited all of their guests for a whale watching and snorkeling trip to a nearby island. This time of year, there’s hundreds of whales and their babies just off the coast of Maui. It’s impossible not to see some even from the coast.

Just hanging around…

Say hi to Matt. I photographed his wedding to Lindsey - Kim’s sister - a year ago. Don’t let the innocent looks fool you, he came out big at the karaoke bar later that night.

They made me take this picture. Honest.

Kim and Chris go into the water.

Maui’s youngest boat captain doing his job.

This my friends is how to properly use a snorkel as a beer bong.

Or you can just drink out of a can…

Next stop, wedding day!


2 Responses to “Kim & Chris’s Boat Trip Extravaganza”

  1. Kim Says:

    The boat ride to Molokini was amazing and you captured it perfect. The photo of Jeff and Nate with the snorkel beer bong is a classic. They crack me up… I have a feeling the photo of Chris and Jeff jumping off the boat will end up enlarged on a wall in our house soon…

  2. Mary Says:

    What great pictures! Crisp, colorful, just beautiful!

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