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Kim & Chris - Destination Wedding in Maui

This is was a tough wedding to blog. There were so many great shots that it was tough for me to try and it edit them down. We ended up shooting 6,222 images at the wedding and filling nearly 60 gigabytes of CF cards. I photographed the wedding of Lindsey, Kim’s sister, two years ago so there were a lot of familiar faces. It was also fun hearing from people how much they liked the photos. Everyone was so great to us and we had blast!

One of the bridesmaids brought a stunning Harry Winston diamond and saphire bracelet and diamond earings for Kim’s mom to wear.

I told this bridesmaid that I probably wouldn’t post this shot on my blog. And I probably wouldn’t have except it was too fun a shot to pass up.

Chris, the groom.

And his father.

The ceremony site was high on a bluff above the Wailea Golf Club and with a gorgeous view of the ocean.

This shot kinda sums up the wedding. There was emotion, smiles and outright goofiness all at the same time.

After the wedding, we headed down to Big Beach in Makena just down the road from Wailea. There’s no hotels or condos to muck up the pristine feeling of the long, soft-sand beach.

So we’re leaving the beach after shooting the photos. A cop comes up to me and starts lecturing me about how I need to pay for a permit. I play dumb - which wasn’t hard because I had no idea. I offer to leave but he says no go ahead and finish with your photos. I got this one last shot with him looking over my shoulder. I figured I’d probably be in trouble, but I’d rather be in trouble and get the shot than be in trouble and not.

Afterwards, he wanted to get my info. I tell him I’m from San Diego and so is everyone else. In the end, he let us off with a warning.

The reception was at the Seawatch Restaurant in Wailea. The coordinator was Beth Helmstetter who works in Hawaii and San Diego. Kim’s mom mentioned to me how great a job she did.

One of the groomsmen, Jeff, not only sang and played guitar for the first dance, he wrote the song that morning. It was amazing.

We set up our photo booth and mayhem ensued.

Move over Charlie’s Angels.


19 Responses to “Kim & Chris - Destination Wedding in Maui”

  1. delphine Says:

    Fantastic job you did!!!
    Some emotion and a lot of smile - perfect!


  2. gay pivaroff Says:

    Thank you john for your amazing attention (and talented eye !) to all of chris and kim’s wonderful maui wedding. Your photographs capture it all. Each and every one of us had the thrill of being part of a most joyous and extraordinary celebration of love, family, friends and new friends. I only wish we could do it all again, and again, and again…..sincerely, gay pivaroff….. “ms. piv!”

  3. Jennifer Dery Mireles Says:

    Chris… that is THE BEST wedding suit (for hot weather) I’ve ever seen!!! Congrats to both of you and I’m so sorry I couldn’t make your wedding. I see the images didn’t suffer one bit!

  4. Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) Says:

    If I do say so myself…you’ve out-done yourself this time!

  5. Heidi Visocchi Says:

    Great pics John…….especially the one of me with the bra!! You owe me a free picture for that, LOL! No, really, what a beautiful, AMAZING week. Cant wait to see all 6,000 of your pics. take care…..


  6. Kim Says:

    Below is the e-mail I just sent out to all of my friends…
    “I am still speechless when it comes to our wedding. It was the most incredible week EVER all because we have such amazing friends, family and Beth, the worlds best event planner. Below is our wedding photographer’s blog where he posted some photos from the wedding, the snorkel trip and also a few from around the island. I think he has such amazing talent and can’t wait to see the rest of our photographs. He promises to have them on-line when we get back from our honeymoon and I will pass them on to you when he does… John loves comments on his blog (positive ones I hope) so please feel free to leave some if you would like… Enjoy…. xoxoxoxox”

  7. Kim Says:

    P.S. I really want to write comments about every photo but I won’t bore you. But I must say that I laugh every time I see the photo of Felicia as I sware it’s an ad for ipod. Also I have to note how wondeful the photo is of Chris’ 92 year old grandparents (almost 93 in 2 weeks). Also I love Chris’ face in the photo when the wave came up and got his shoes and pants wet… too classic. oh ya and also the photo of Chris and I taken while dealing with the cop is incredible. It looks like it is an end scene from a disney fairytale… O.k. I will stop now….

  8. Lindsey Says:

    Perfect! What a fantastic glimpse into such a beautiful celebration. It has been wonderful sending your blog to all our family and friends who were unable to attend. I adore my wedding photos and look forward to adding Kim’s photos to my “Mireles Collection!” You did a great job and the events would not have been the same without you. Next up…an Elardo Family portrait! ;)

  9. Nick Elardo [FOG] Says:

    John great job with the finess of a ballet performance…grandma is still wondering about the kiss on grandpa in the dark room and of course i told her she would have to wait to see the results….whatever that may be THANKS The images will last with us for years…ne

  10. Judy Thompson Says:

    To John AKA Photograspher Extraordinaire~
    Two Thompson weddings in two years! Does that mean “Double your Pleasure, Double your Fun”? Kim was instrumental in selecting you for her sister’s wedding photographer; she loved your work from our first meeting. She tried to find a photographer all over Hawaii, but you had set the bar too high, and she was not satisfied with anyone but you John. Kim felt after the music stops, the guests go home, the dress is boxed, and the lights are out all that is left is the memories and photographs of this very special day! Sooo for vivid memories and Great photos Kim went with a proven master, her number one priority… John Mireles. We thank you for sharing your talent, keen eye and kind heart with all of us…twice!
    xoxo Judy Thompson (MOB)

  11. Ken Neethling Says:

    This really is an amazing set of photographs by a very talented photographer. They capture the essence of the wedding and for ourselves who were unable to make the trip from South Africa, it is a special gift for us to be able to part experience and part share in the special event. XOX Ken, Debs & Sasha..

  12. Joanna Ugalde Says:

    These Photographs have got to be best wedding pictures I have seen so far…. Bare none!!! Excellent job capturing the very best in everyone! It looked like it was a blast! Great Job!!! :o)

  13. Corinne McLeod Says:

    What an experience! We had so much fun and your photos captured the full range of emotions! It was such an honor to be part of your wedding celebration. WOW! Corinne and Steve McLeod

  14. ashley parsons Says:

    WOW, John. You are so incredible, and these images are beyond beautiful!!! What a blessed bride and groom to have these to enjoy for the rest of their lives - amazing.

  15. Jen Cassel Says:

    Awesome..makes me wish I was there to be apart of the festivities!!

  16. Keith Says:

    John, you truly blazed it!! Some of the best destination coverage that I have ever seen!!

    Keith Cephus

  17. Liz Coden Says:

    Oh, Kim, thank you so much for sending these to me! You and Chris are spectacular! What a gorgeous bride you are! You both look like movie stars at a movie star wedding! It looks like a stunning event filled with laughter and love, and I am so glad you shared it with me! I can tell you are going to have a beautiful life together. Keep smiling forever!

    Much love, Liz

  18. Kay Says:

    I found your blog via Google while searching for golf gift idea and your post regarding Kim & Chris - Destination Wedding in Maui looks very interesting to me. I was impressed by your site and offerings. I was looking at some of the articles and it really impressed me. All I can say is congratulations on creating this site and what took you so long? I look forward to returning.

  19. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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