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Say Hi to the Studio

Today I shot some photos of the studio for an upcoming seminar that I’ll be doing. I realized that, though I’ve written about our studio and the build-out we did a while back, I never actually shared any images. So here ya go…

But first, here’s what the studio looked like before we moved in. It was… um… not pretty… but we knew it had potential.

This is the studio as it is today. This shot was taken from the same spot as the one above. We added the walls and the wood flooring. We took out the dropped ceiling and added in a skylight.

This is our viewing room. This is were we meet with clients and present them with photos after the shoot or wedding.

Here’s where a lot of the work gets done. This is our production room where we assemble albums and framed prints. After a print comes out of the printer, I’ll bring out here to take a look at it. I usually have some project going on out here.

I have to say I’m a little spoiled when it comes to working on my portfolios and other art projects. I’ve got plenty of space to lay everything out and all the tools I need at my disposal. Whether it’s framing tools, cutters, tape guns, straight edges, mat board etc, it’s right here. Those are my photos on the wall - I did all the printing and framing.

And here’s my pride and joy. This is our Epson 9800. It’s a 44″ printer with eight inks - including three black inks. I’ve been digital printing for nearly 15 years. It used to be almost impossible to get decent black and white prints from a printer. This guy produces the most amazing black and white prints ever.

So much of printing, especially black and white, is about communicating a feeling. When you talk to photographers who do their own printing, they get very emotional about the subject. It’s because printing is ultimately an emotional expression by the photographer. What this printer does better than any that’s come before it is faithfully reproduce my images with spot-on color and fine detail. Anyhow, this thing may look like a big hunk of metal, but, to me, it’s the final link from image capture to final result.


8 Responses to “Say Hi to the Studio”

  1. Tony Bisson Says:

    You do have the luxury of space. I miss that now that I am growing out of my place.

  2. Patricia Says:

    envious … great space.

  3. todd pellowe Says:

    picking up jaw from floor…

  4. jen harris Says:

    Awesome! It is beautiful and welcoming! Your clients will love it.

  5. Jennifer Dery Mireles Says:

    I call that printer the Great White Shark. It is a huge gray mass. So glad we have it though!
    Nice to see you finish the “building blog” john ;-)

    xo Jen

  6. Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) Says:

    And it’s even more beautiful in person!

  7. Dan Fontaine Says:

    Wow John. Sweet Place.

    I posted a while back about how amazing your images were. Now I am inspired by your great studio. Thanks for the motivation.


  8. MattDJ Says:

    What a beautiful space John!!! Even more so after posting the before shot! That main area is so varied that you can almost do a whole session in the place and look like you’ve been at several locations! Bravo.

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