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Souvenir from New Mexico

Some of you may remember my “In the Land of My Father” trip to New Mexico. I posted photos and wrote about it in this blog post. I printed many of the photos that I shot and my dad sent them off to the folks that we visited. This weekend, I received a letter from the man with the bow and arrows that I photographed. He’s a champion bow hunter and makes his own arrows from feathers and obsidian. I asked him a bunch of questions about the process as I took a close look at his arrows.

Apparently, he remembered my interest. He sent me a nice thank you note for the photos along with a handmade arrowhead on a leather cord. It came from a large chunk of obsidian that someone gave him. Anyhow, I thought it was pretty cool.


2 Responses to “Souvenir from New Mexico”

  1. Matt Radlinski Says:

    That is awesome. And I loved your photo essay, John. Good craftsmanship is rewarded in kind.

  2. Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) Says:

    I definitely remember that post. What a cool gift and follow-up!

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