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Exquisite Weddings Magazine - Bridal Fashion

This is a post that I’ve been waiting to do for a couple of months now. I did this shoot back in January but didn’t want to post until the Spring issue of Exquisite Weddings magazine came out.

Talk about a long day. We did 25 setups over 10 hours. That’s a lot no matter what, but everyone of those shots required setting up multiple studio lights to get the look that I wanted. My crew was running around with a truck load of gear, hustling to set up each shot. I do a seminar for photographers called Light and Fast… well, this was more like Heavy and Fast.

At the end of the day, we were all cooked. But we did it!

We did this wedding shoot at The Grand Del Mar resort which is located just north of San Diego. The recently opened resort was done in the style of an Italian villa. There’s really nothing like it in Southern California. The attention to detail is fantastic. Doug “Pappa Doug” Manchester is the developer - I photographed him at his home last summer. The Grand Del Mar is a lot like his home - just on a grander scale.

I did the men’s fashion shoot last fall. Photographing the guys is a lot easier. With women, there’s a lot more hair and makeup - which takes forever - and then there’s the dress. On my crew, I had two hair stylists, one woman for makeup and another just for the dress.

My concept for this shoot was to treat the women kind of like sculptures. Italian villas always have lots of female sculptures so I put the talent up high standing on chairs, sofas, walls, and even a wall sconce.

The jewelry was provided by Tiffany’s in San Diego. They not only supplied the diamonds and silver, but also had someone doing all the styling for the jewelry. Some of the rings that they brought sell for over $100,000 so they also supplied several rather stocky guards who never let the models out of their sight.

The staircase is fantastic. No doubt there will be more than a few wedding day shots taken here. I’m photographing a wedding at the Grand Del Mar in July so don’t be surprised if you see some shots from here.

Not your garden variety pergola…

The only thing better than one bride is two!

This was the last shot of the day. Actually, night. I had my assistant outside with a giant umbrella outside making sure the strobe would fire. It was cold outside and we were dead tired. It’s at times like this that I really rely on my crew to keep it together, stay focused and be committed to producing great work.

For the next issue of Exquisite Weddings, I’ll be shooting the cover. I’m looking forward to focusing on one shot. Should be fun!


8 Responses to “Exquisite Weddings Magazine - Bridal Fashion”

  1. Melissa McClure Says:

    These are stunning John! Great job! I am in awe of all of them :) Gorgeous location too!

  2. jen harris Says:

    Wow! these are incredible!

  3. Matt Radlinski Says:

    Wow, now THAT is quality work!

  4. lauren Says:

    Superb John…what a CRAZY resort!

  5. Tony Bisson Says:

    Excellent work. It definitely shows the clothes which is #1 in my book.

  6. Chris from Detroit Says:

    Gorgeous John. Interesting perspective on some of the photos - they’re elevated. Beautifully lit as well.

  7. John Mireles » Blog Archive » Nicole & Chad - Grand Del Mar Hotel, San Diego Says:

    [...] The Grand is fairly new and this was the first wedding that I photographed there (although I did my bridal fashion shoot for Exquisite Weddings Magazine there a few months [...]

  8. Curtitus Says:

    Hey, what a great shoot! i was part of the design team on that resort, and its great to see the finished product being utilized so well! thanks for posting these!

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