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T’was the Night Before A Fashion Shoot - Mission Inn, Riverside

Tonight’s Easter. I spent the day resting at home playing the guitar, headed over to the in-laws for a home-cooked dinner (thanks Cathy and Jim) and then drove a couple of hours up to Riverside for a magazine shoot that I’ll be doing in the morning. I grew up in LA and Riverside is kind of like the armpit of LA. It gets no respect. So, I can’t say that I was too thrilled to be going to this Mission Inn place to do the bridal fashion shoot for I Do for Brides Magazine.

I pulled up to the valet and, honestly, was blown away. This place is gorgeous. Amazing. A true gem. My room is on the fourth floor and it feels like I’m in a Spanish castle. I’d love to photograph a wedding here. I snapped some photos for folks to check out.My room is on the top floor to the right of the frame - you can see the door open just a crack.

Here’s the view into my room.

Here’s a couple of shots of the walkway outside my room.

This is the outside of a gorgeous chapel right below me. President Richard Nixon was married in a smaller chapel across on the other side of this courtyard. Although I’m not a fan of his, our paths have crossed before. I went to preschool where he graduated from college (Whittier College).

I’ll be photographing a bunch of bridal gowns - much like my Exquisite Weddings shoot that I just posted. We don’t have as many dresses so hopefully it won’t be as long a day.


3 Responses to “T’was the Night Before A Fashion Shoot - Mission Inn, Riverside”

  1. Tracy dee Says:

    I grew up and am still in the armpit! lol The Mission Inn is the pride of our little city. There are several little spots downtown that are great for photos. Im glad you were pleasently surprised. Looking forward to checking out the photos you shot here!

  2. Wayne Toshikazu Says:

    WOW. This place looks simply AMAZING. Can’t wait to see some sneek peaks from the shoot!

  3. Tony Bisson Says:

    Mission Inn is beautiful.

    I crossed paths with Nixon once when I was busboy in high school. The secret service made us all stand still for a minute and he just entered through the back door. I held out my had as he passed and he gave it a weak shake.

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