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Kelly & Raj at Aventura Spa Palace, Playa Del Carmen

About an hour south of Cancun, Mexico is Playa Del Carmen. Where Cancun is new and glitzy, Playa Del Carmen is a little more hippy and slow with lots of expats tending bar. We photographed the wedding of Kelly and Raj at the Aventura Spa Palace all-inclusive resort just north of town.

Kelly and Raj came down from Seattle - just the two of them. They were great fun and after the ceremony, we just kicked back at the bar and had a couple drinks waiting for the light to get all nice and pretty. There was no reception to run off to nor family members to line up and photograph. They were great sports and weren’t shy about working it for the camera.

Here’s our happy groom, Raj:

And Kelly…

Got this one as she was about to walk down the aisle. There was a golf cart behind her that I had the staff move. No sooner did they move it than she started to walk down the steps - but just before she did, the wind caught her dress as she lifted it. And I got my shot!

And there they were getting married, just the two of them and the officiant.

The amount of emotion in a ceremony isn’t necessarily related to how many people are in attendance.

Here’s The Lookbook in action:

Here’s a pose from the Lookbook…

And this is one we just sort of we came up with all by ourselves…

This is the part where they jump into marriage…

This is what the other side of jumping into marriage looks like…

And then the sun went down. Time enough for just one last shot.


2 Responses to “Kelly & Raj at Aventura Spa Palace, Playa Del Carmen”

  1. Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) Says:

    What a great. little wedding. Excellent images too!

  2. MattDJ Says:

    John, your monochromatic images are perfect. P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I have always admired your style and would love to see a recipe on how you create this particular look. I attended your light&fast workshop back in January and will always remember your final slideshow of images you made at the end of the class. Sweet! :-)

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