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Ashley & Jamie - Engagement Shoot

I’ll be photographing Ashley and Jamie’s wedding at the Grand Del Mar coming up in October. Today, I did an engagement session with the two. At this point, I think that most folks who follow my blog know that I like to do things a little differently. I like to capture personality and tell a story. Ashley and Jamie met in acting class are both expressive and not afraid of the camera.

Before the shoot, we came up with the idea of a mid-century theme. We had fun doing a little thrift store shopping before the shoot. We picked up the coffee pot, cup, jacket and turtle neck. I loved Ashley’s outfit! Not only was it perfect for the occasion, it came from her (stylish) grandmother.

I shot a bunch of other photos of the two of them goofing around, having fun and being all lovie dovie. I’ll try and post some of them later.


3 Responses to “Ashley & Jamie - Engagement Shoot”

  1. jen harris Says:

    I would love to see some more!

  2. Guido Leifhelm Says:

    Hi John,

    The photo reminds me of an old movie “Fahrenheit 451″ from Fran├žois Truffaut. Show us more :-)

    Regards from Germany,


  3. Erik Dungan Says:

    Very cool … I think he needs a pipe though :)

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