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More Burn - Photos from Burning Man

Here’s some more photos from out on the playa.

If I photographed you out on the playa and you don’t see your photo here, I’ve posted the entire take at this Burning Man portraits link.


8 Responses to “More Burn - Photos from Burning Man”

  1. Ashley Says:

    It’s like Burning Man is one giant photo op. Just waiting for you. No wonder you like to go!

  2. Hannah Suh Says:

    It looks like such an amazing experience. And these photos are rockin’.

  3. Jessi Says:

    Hey your burning man photos rock! You shot me on the playa. The link you put up however to find any shots that arent on this page is not working. Can you please fix? pretty please? thanks a million!

  4. steve bebb Says:


    This body of work is insane, so ” John Mireles ”

    Very well done, my friend.


  5. tuananh Says:

    Awesome, amazing photos. I couldn’t make it this year but will be there next year. Thank you for your vissions. Do you know Bat Country?

  6. Andre the Phish Says:

    So of course sorting through belongings after Burning Man is like unwinding a tornado. Unpacking from a car filled with mixed memorabilia resembling something of a carnival in 1930’s Oklahoma(DustBowl.) Anyway as I pilfer thru what was my life for a week I come across your card crumbled up in a pair of shorts. Honestly, when I read john and photo I originally was brought back to your buddy ” Photo John”, with his shiny Cadillac and owe so Hollywood vibe. (In his defenses he is a swell cat, respect)

    Yet my initial impression of all the ”camera toter’s” was that and I quote a cranky me ”…people aren’t pilgrimaging to the middle of a barren salt flat to unleash their inner freak so Vampires can exploit their freedom like some trophy when they get back to the mainland braa.” So your card got judgmentally tossed aside only to float to the surface once again. This time Decompression had occurred; so I was able to relate your card to that Patron pouring neighbor I met and lost during the epic sandstorm the night of the burn. I remember us swapping stories of our lost comrades while you went on about how much you loved your family and your job as a ‘’professional photographer’’. (I hope this all makes you laugh and not mark me for being the arrogant NYer I am)

    (Here is a little back story and I’ll try to keep it short since my comment is turning in to a rant.) I grew up on the outskirts of a small liberal town named Woodstock were everyone is an artist of some sort. Any one back home with a camera describes them self as a photographer and dreams of being Elliot Landy. If they have the distinction of responding to “professional photographer” it usually means there a well managed trust fund at the end of their IV. You didn’t come off as a trustafarian.(Which some of my best friends are. Big Ups!)

    None the less you seemed genuine enough so I decided to investigate your blog. Well, well,..well, John you defiantly showed me where the bear shits in the woods. Jaded old me was awe struck with your tasteful yet provocative tribute to the playa. You tapped into the magic that surrounded with a unique style and briefly explain how everything you captured was somehow a microcosm in a bigger vision. I’m not a hippie. Really. I don’t even smoke herb. (Ok that’s a lie) I’m a liberal, an idealist, progressive, and even revolutionary at times.

    But I’m not about hugging trees, drum circles, tie-dyes, peace rallys, and flowers in our dreads. I am not a hippie (sure I’ve pulled some hippie tail here and there) but I’ll eat a Big Mac and litter the trash if the mood strikes me. I’m so tired of trying to explain Burning Man as an event centered around community without stinking like patchouli.

    To all those who’ve attended we know that the American Dream is more than a theme its about being able to celebrate our wildly different expressions of what freedom means to us and explore who we truly are together as a cooperative community without judgment and without money.(sort of) And for all those who yet to visit Black Rock City they will forever be redirected to Johns (aka playa name ‘’John the Dude’’) virgin soft hardcore description of our home.

  7. Hicksmokey Says:

    Hey John, I was one of the folks you took a pic of on the Esplanade. I was wondering if it was possible to get a copy. The picture is not in those you’ve posted so far, I would be the guy with black cowboy hat, big black beard and glasses. You were taking a picture of a guy on a two story bicycle before me.

  8. Dawn Davis Says:

    What a fantastic set of images… truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us all…!


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