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Welcome to my blog! As I think you’ll see, my work is all over the place. I shoot everything from weddings to portraits to fashion to landscapes. I’ve been shooting professionally for nearly 20 years so I’ve also built up a pretty good library of experience that I try to share here through videos and stuff.

I’m passionate about creating work that I love. The thing I hate most is work that’s boring. I’d rather you hate my work than be bored by it. At least if you hate the work, you’re somehow moved by it emotionally. That’s the key to the deal for me - getting an emotional response from you the viewer.

My studio is in San Diego where I manage a staff of four people along with associate photographers. I’m available for wedding and portrait bookings. For weddings, please visit www.ventanaphotography.com. If you’re a photographer, please visit my www.PhotographersToolkit.com site for knowledge based tools for photographers.

When I’m not shooting photos or sitting behind my computer (which is most of the time), I’m out hiking or climbing in the mountains. I love being out on the road or rolling through the desert and mountains on a road trip.

All images on this blog are copyright John Mireles and may not be copied or reproduced without permission.